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Service on the Board of Directors of Cooking with the Troops Inc. is on a voluntary basis and is not compensated. Directors may be reimbursed for reasonable expenses only.

Currently, all officers are serving on a volunteer basis, and it is planned to keep any compensated positions to a minimum so as to reduce administrative overhead.

When compensation is offered, it will be based on appropriate compensation as determined by:

1. Current or immediate former salary of the person being hired.
2. Salaries for similar positions at other charitable organizations of similar size and scope.
3. The lowest amount that will obtain a person of appropriate qualifications.
4. It must be under the cap of $125,000.00 maximum salary defined in the Bylaws.

All activities and considerations in regards setting compensation for any position will be recorded in writing, including yea and nay votes by the Board, and made available online and in print in the office of the organization.

No Board member, Officer, or employee will be compensated other than by salary and related benefits. No non-fixed compensation will be provided.

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