2010 Financial Page

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Please note that this is not a complete financial statement, as it does not include all donations made by Board members and may not include all in-kind donations. Further, it has not been reviewed or audited by any outside person or agency. It is subject to update, revision, change, or other modification. This concludes the required legal verbage, we hope.

January until 501(c)(3) filing
Web (hosting & domains) $278.36 (Donation by Board)
Incorporation $26.52 (Donation by Board)
501(c)(3) filing fee $850.00 (Donation by Board)
CoC membership fee $100.00 (Donation by Board)
Total $1,254.88

April 2010
Deposits: 100.14
Expenses: 0.00

May 2010
Deposits: 495.00
Expenses: 510.00 for press release distribution

June 2010
Deposits: 160.00
Expenses: 35.33 for fuel, trip to Chicago to meet and solicit (sounds dirty doesn’t it) Anthony Bourdain

July 2010
Deposits: 1,150.51
Expenses: 35.00 Sams Club (misc. supplies)
1.95 PayPal (beats the heck out of us)
46.97 Sign Art (two signs w/logo for fundraising & events)
602.26 Lafayette Printing for letterhead
19.22 Sams Club (misc. supplies)

August 2010
Deposits: 767.40
Expenses: 59.88 Sams Club (office supplies)
43.50 USPS (shipping letterhead to board)
136.74 Sams Club (2 8′ food-grade tables)
88.96 Staples (office/exhibit items)
59.95 CafePress (fee to start store for fundraising)

September 2010
Deposits: 1,120.00
Expenses: 89.00 (electricity in BWE10 booth)

October 2010
Deposits: 120.00
Expenses: 658.00 Lafayette Printing (tri-folds)
1,222.00 Liability Insurance
34.88 Sam’s Club
159.91 Color Image (color banners)

November 2010
Deposits: 1,430.95
Expenses: 159.46 Hertz (rental car for NASDAQ trip)
60.47 fuel (NASDAQ trip)
8.00 NJT Ticket (NASDAQ trip)

December 2010
Deposits 64,162.00
Expenses 960.65 Marine Holiday Dinner
4120.70 Operation FPH Blues

Note: Board members donated in excess of $6,600.00 cash and in-kind donations to Cooking with the Troops in 2010. The majority of these funds are not reflected in this statement.

CWTT 2010 990 Final


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