2011 Financial Page

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Please note that this is not a complete financial statement, as it does not include all donations made by Board members and may not include all in-kind donations. Further, it has not been reviewed or audited by any outside person or agency. It is subject to update, revision, change, or other modification. This concludes the required legal verbage, we hope.

Deposits 1415.00
Expenses 5028.56 Operation FPH Blues

Operation Fight Post Holiday Blues Statement
Donations 9525.00
Expenses 4928.15 Transportation
2788.90 Lodging
1433.64 Food & Related
8.00 Bank Fees
Cost Reimb. 414.20
Net Gain 780.51 Split between Pin-Ups for Vets and CwtT

Deposits 2236.20
Expenses 572.95 Fundraiser
37.54 Postage & Shipping
95.79 Web Domain Registration
833.40 Homefront Program Development

Deposits 939.83
Expenses 98.45 Walter Reed Trip
98.30 Shipping and Postage
392.50 Web Registrations and Hosting
79.98 Office Supplies

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