2010 Board Meeting Minutes

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10 September 2010
Meeting called to order, 10 September 2010 app. 1510 hours

Present: Bob Miller, C. Blake Powers
Absent: Mary Katharine Ham

1. Closed session to discuss good name and reputation of individuals and organizations

2. Open session called after approximately 10 minutes
A. Motion made by Blake Powers to add Susan Katz Keating to the Board of Directors to one of the three At-Large positions. Move seconded by Bob Miller. Unanimous voice vote to confirm.

B. Motion made by Bob Miller to only do one face-to-face Board meeting this year because of not being incorporated one year and for reasons of economy. Seconded by Blake Powers. Voice vote of unanimous approval.

C. Motion to proceed with free booth offer for Blog World and New Media Expo made by Blake Powers, seconded by Bob Miller. Unanimous voice vote.

D. Discussion on free booth offer at SHOT trade show, decision made to tentatively accept provided funds and staffing both available for the event. Blake Powers tasked with pursuing this option.

E. Discussion on doing spring and summer events at Walter Reed, decision to be based on discussions that day with Walter Reed and Malogne House leadership, unanimous voice approval to proceed if ideas accepted.

F. Discussion of priorities for funding, with brochure and marketing to be next items pursued now that liability insurance obtained.

G. No other business being brought forward, meeting adjourned by unanimous voice vote approximately 1550 hours.

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