2011 Board Meeting Minutes

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24 August 2011
Time Start:  1400
Time Finish:  1422

C. Blake Powers
Susan Katz Keating
Neal Puckett

Bob Miller
Chris Page
MaryKatharine Ham

Motions and Business
1.  Blake to take minutes, Secretary being absent
2.  Vote to accept Bob’s Proxy to C. Blake Powers:  Unanimous
2a.  Note for Record:  Chris Page submitted vote for closed session by electronic means
3.  Move to closed session, motion seconded by Neal Puckett, approved by all present or voting by proxy
4.  Return to open session
5.  Open vote to approach selected candidate, per closed discussion, unanimous assent
6.  Meeting adjourned.

9 August 2011
Start Time:  1200
Finish Time:  1225

C. Blake Powers, Chairman
Mary Katharine Ham, Secretary
Bob Miller, Vice Chairman

Susan Katz Keating

Motions and Business:
1.  Susan Katz Keating’s Proxy to Blake Powers accepted, unanimous vote
2.  Motion made by C. Blake Powers to remove location requirement from Treasurer position; seconded by Bob Miller; and, motion unanimously approved
3.  Motion made by C. Blake Powers to change the local business leader position on the Board to an at-large position; seconded by Mary Katharine Ham; and, motion unanimously approved
4.  Motion made to move to closed session to discuss matters pertaining to people and other sensitive/proprietary information, motion unanimously approved.
5.  Open session resumed
6.  Unanimous vote made to offer Chris Page the At-Large (National Business) position on the Board of Directors per discussion in closed session.
7.  There being no other new business to discuss, meeting adjourned at 1225 hours

27 February 2011

Malogne House, Walter Reed Army Medical Center
1300 hours
Present: C. Blake Powers, Bob Miller, Susan Katz Keating
Absent: Mary Katharine Ham

Meeting called to order.

General Update, C. Blake Powers: Fundraiser did well for first year,
though not as well as hoped. Operation FPH Blues was a success, and
the model of operations was a significant improvement over previous.
Good working relationship with Pin-Ups for Vets established and will
continue. Future fundraising efforts were being planned, and efforts
to obtain other grants were being explored. Homefront development
activities were proceeding, the Culinary Institute of America (CIA)
was unable to participate but had recommended another culinary school
and negotiations were underway with St. Philip’s College as a result.
Efforts to secure a treasurer were continuing, and moving up in

General Update, Bob Miller: Planning for spring and summer barbecues
were underway, no dates set yet.

General Update, Susan Katz Keating: Visits to Malogne House proceeding.

Motion made by C. Blake Powers to make operational model used for
Operation FPH Blues the standard model for all future events in
Germany. Seconded by Susan Katz Keating, approved unanimously.

Motion made by C. Blake Powers: that as all participants having
elected not to request reimbursement for per diem and other expenses,
a total of $780.51 had been raised in excess of expenses for
Operation FPH Blues; therefore, these proceeds should be divided
between Cooking with the Troops and Pin-Ups for Vets in accordance
with previous agreements. Seconded by Bob Miller, approved

NASDAQ Veteran’s Day Celebration Update by C. Blake Powers. Planning
is underway and NASDAQ has indicated that they have begun
fundraising. Text for that had been approved by C. Blake Powers.
Extent of activities, and potential joint efforts with the City of
New York, are being explored.

Lafayette Fundraiser Update by C. Blake Powers. Effort did well for
a first such, but was not as successful as desired. A total of
$1460.00 was raised; however, expenses were still being tallied and
included payment of $400 to Adelino’s. An AAR is in work and will be
shared with the Board at a later date.

The update of the website has begun, though a firm timetable has not
yet been established.

Other Business: Volunteer Courtney Keating asked to do videos an requested guidance. She was encouraged to try two types, one straight how to and one exploring other options, with the additional guidance that she should have fun in process.

No other business being brought forward, meeting adjourned
approximately 1325 hours.

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