Cooking with the Troops
Comfort, Nutrition, Hope

 a 501(c)(3) public charity

A New Look Is On The Way

It may not be soon, but a new look for the site -- and even more information -- is on the way.  Please stand by while we work to make this happen.

Getting Dirty For Cooking with the Troops
Fashionista Thrifty Vintage Chick is getting dirty Navy SEAL style via a PT Bootcamp.  She is also using this to raise money for us.  Please check out her posts starting here and here, and give her some encouragement! 
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We We Have Pins!

Thanks to a very generous and wonderful person, we have a limited number of pins and magnets available.  To get a pin is easy:  Just donate $100 via check or PayPal and one will be mailed to you.  Or, if you attend an event and make a donation, you can get one on the spot.  If you donate $20-$99, you will get a magnet.  This offer is good while supplies last, and they are limited so act now!


Provide aid, comfort, and support to US and Allied military troops and families by:

1. Providing a culinary change of pace for U.S. and Allied military personnel -- particularly the wounded, injured, and ill -- and medical caregivers

2. Providing educational resources, opportunities and transition assistance into food and beverage careers for those who serve

3. Gathering and sharing knowledge with and for troops on the front line and supporting same

4. Providing other direct and indirect assistance to support the care and well-being of U.S. and Allied military personnel and their families.

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Thanks to Frankie Cee
for his tireless work in creating the designs,
setting this up, and generally making this happen. 

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Thanks to Erin Ingram for her help on this.

Why We Need Your Help
Cooking with the Troops is committed to doing at least four barbecues and three special food events before the end of 2010.  We also need to do various things to raise money other than by donations via this site.  Doing all these things requires money.  With your help, we can raise the funds to do the food events and much more.  We hope you won't wait either, but will join in to help us do for the troops, their families, and the caregivers. 
New Content Added

This may be a temporary placeholder site (Honest, it really is!), but that doesn't mean that it won't have as much information as we can provide.  We are adding information on our Articles of Incorporation, our Conflict of Interest Policy, and a Narrative description about us and our plans.  Please check it out, and check back for more information to come.  Also, please send constructive suggestions and feedback about the site to Media.  Thanks!
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