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Godspeed Miss Phyllis

Back when Patti Patton-Bader encouraged us to start Cooking with the Troops, and before we were formally of that name, I wrote a letter to someone not really expecting a reply.  When one contacts celebrities, the reply rate is quite dismal, particularly with the younger set.

To my surprise, not long after, a large envelope/package arrived.  In it, I found my SASE returned with a note telling me to use it for something else; a stack of autographed photos; and an admonition to look after the troops, her boys (and girls). At that moment, Phyllis Diller became not only our first supporter, but also Miss Phyllis.  An autographed photo of her with Bob Hope in Vietnam has gone to every major event done by Cooking with the Troops.

Today, she has gone to that big USO show upstairs.  I’d like to think that she, Bob, and Martha are at the Green putting on a show and having a well deserved libation, with Phyllis laughing that laugh and joking with all there about posing for Playboy and them not running the shots (true!) and aren’t they glad.

Thank you Miss Phyllis, for all you have done for the troops, for the laughs you gave us all, and the encouragement you have given so many of them, and to us.  You paved the way on so many fronts, and we thank you for it.  And, yes ma’am, we wil indeed keep looking after your boys and girls — and that photo will be at our events for as long as it lasts.

The Spirit Of Miss Phyllis

Photo of Phyllis Diller at Cooking with the Troops event

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