When talking with the troops, no matter the nation, quite a few will express an interest in a culinary/hospitality career. It can be opening their own place, it can be cooking, it can involve beverages (both during the discussion and as a career topic), and it can go elsewhere. So, knowing there was interest, how to best do something to help nurture it, particularly for the wounded who will have to have a new career?

Right now, we are exploring options with education offices at military medical centers. Since GI Benefits will cover culinary education, scholarships are not needed. What is needed appears to be an introduction to the wide variety of culinary careers, along with internships, practicums, and other means of gaining experience for those who show the motivation and dedication for such a career.

Another concept being explored came from some informal talks with the Culinary Institute of America: put together events that will take 10-20 people at a time, and let them explore the different options during an intense one-week hands-on workshop. Let them try the different options, explore, and see what the best investment of their GI education benefits will be.

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