Food Events

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Food events are what Cooking with the Troops is best know for, and with good reason. Bob Miller has been doing barbecues at Walter Reed since 2005. Blake Powers has been doing special food events at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center as a result of his first embed in Iraq in 2007. Things like this get noticed, both by the troops and their families, and others. Here is where you can find out more about the different types of food events planned by Cooking with the Troops.

As noted above, Bob has been doing barbecues at Walter Reed since 2005. These have been funded by donations, people pitching in, and the sale of Bob’s homemade barbecue sauce. While the focus has been on chicken, a variety of tasty treats have been provided on the patio of Malogne House as the weather has allowed. Two more events are planned there before Walter Reed closes, and work is already underway to take them to the new medical center and Bethesda. In addition, barbecues have been and are being done at other events and venues where troops and their families will be present.

European Events
More here soon, but the short and sweet is that our goal is to take a guest chef (and others) to Landstuhl and other bases in Europe at least four times a year to cook meals for the troops, families, and caregivers at this important stop for U.S. and Allied troops. These chefs will present different cuisines, and be able to talk about their experiences in the culinary world with those interested. Based on the success of [LTP]Operation FPH Blues, this is being expanded to include educational events and activities at other bases, with an emphasis on the wounded.

Special Food Events
These are just what the name says: special. They are the events chosen by you, when troops, familes, and caregivers make a request to us. There is more to come on this, so stay tuned.

Here are two videos from some recent food events at Brook Army Medical Center: