We need your help. Your tax deductible donations are urgently needed so we can do more.

It really is simple: Donate so we can help the wounded, their families, and the U.S. and Allied troops on the line.  There is no such thing as too small a donation, because they all can and do add up into something grand.  So, please don’t hesitate as all are appreciated and needed!

To give you an idea of what your donations can mean:
$10:  covers the costs of napkins for a typical event
$20:  covers the costs to feed a meal to a wounded warrior or family member at a European event
$50:  covers the cost of disposable plates for an event
$100:  covers the cost of drinks for a typical event
$250:  covers the cost for all paper goods at an event
$500:  covers most or all of the cost of meats for a typical barbecue
$1,000:  covers most or all of the cost of airfare to send a guest chef to a European event

If you have items to donate: ingredients, gear, or such, drop us a line so we can talk (or at least e-mail) before you send it. If we can’t use it, we may know other groups that can. We may be new and small, but that doesn’t mean we can’t spread the wealth.

There are two easy ways to donate: You can mail a check to:

Cooking with the Troops Inc.
7607 Hawthorne Ave
Richmond, VA 23227

Or, you can hit the PayPal donate button use your PayPal account or a credit card to make a donation to us


All donations are needed and appreciated.

If you travel on Delta, please use our Delta SkyBonus number: US0013378  You can add this when making your reservation, and it does not impact your SkyMiles activities at all.  SkyBonus is a separate program that gives us points to use towards travel even as you earn your SkyMiles rewards.

We are also part of tix4Cause:

If you have tickets that you can’t use, then use Tix4Cause to sell them to benefit our cause.